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Peter van Riel

Sanne Voets (eindredactie), Vangelis Nastos (Griekse redactie), Aart Staartjes, Rona Lichtenberg, Frans Bertels, Petra Mens (Griekse taal), Loes Jansen (gastronomie), Dimitris Giannakos. e.a.

Sylvia Vermeulen (Athene)

Karin van Gemert (Corfu)


Thieme Groep, Nijmegen

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Griekenland Magazine is a new magazine about Greece and Cyprus, that's published in over 20,000 copies throughout The Netherlands and Belgium.The high quality tourism on Cyprus has proven to be very appealing to both Dutch and Belgian visitors. Greece has been a popular holiday destination for years and within Europe it's in the top five of most appreciated places to spend a holiday. The number of Dutch people who spend their holiday in Greece is still on the rise, this year about 700,000 Dutch people will spend their holiday in Greece. Belgium Greece is an even more competitive holiday destination and the number of Belgians that spend their holiday in Greece will this year increase with 16,4%.

Of course Greece and Cyprus are more than great holiday destinations, as Griekenland Magazine is not just about tourism. Our readers are also interested in Greece and Cyprus in a broader sense: the heritage of the ancient Greeks, cultural events, food, politics, literature, second homes and so on are topics that are covered by Griekenland Magazine.

Publisher Maasland Uitgeverij has built its reputation on special interest magazines such as En Route about France and Archipel, that focuses on Indonesia, The strong bond with Greece comes from our former periodical Lychnari, a project of the organisation Stichting Adamantios Koraïs, a cooperation of universities where New Greek is taught, which we have published and distributed for many years. With Griekenland Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for a broader public, Maasland Uitgeverij wants to take the next step. Join us and be a partner of Griekenland Magazine.

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